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Using Smoke During a Session

I've always wanted to integrate #smoke into a photo session but never knew how to even find smoke bombs. In Minnesota, you cannot go into a store and buy some, so I drove into Wisconsin hoping some firework stores would be open in the dead of winter. I was wrong. I ended up ordering some from a website called They were pretty expensive, but they did have a sale going on so I was able to get about $10 off. It was delivered to me in less than 7 days, and I got 8 different colors to choose from.

I think it was totally worth the price. The smoke lasted about a 1.5 minutes. None of us knew what was going to happen when we pulled the ring to ignite the smoke. We started by holding it behind us waving it around, but it was too windy and they were more focused on the smoke than being relaxed and posing.

I watched a YouTube video on a photographer using smoke and they suggested not using smoke bombs when it is windy out. I think you can still integrate smoke into your sessions - windy or not. If it's really windy out, put the smoke in front of your subjects.

There is a lot you can do in #photoshop post production to enhance your photos. Look up tutorials on how to add a smoke effect or with the smoke you already have you could edit it and add it to different photos. Of course, using real smoke is more fun, unpredictable, and unique! I've used smoke bombs for senior sessions and gender reveals.

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