Hourly (2 hour minimum): $40/hr
Half day (4 hrs): $150
Full day (8 hrs): $275

48 hour notice needed

Signed contract required

500 3rd Ave SE Suite 2
Pine City, MN

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The Studio

Included in the rent is props, chairs, seamless backdrops, lighting. Please contact Focal Point for more information. You have access to 5 different styled rooms. Studio room 1 is our largest room with access to seamless paper backdrops and faux brick wall. Room 2 is our boudoir and lifestyle room with wood floors, natural light, grass wall, couches, bed, and clawfoot tub. Room 3 is our newborn room which is connected to the dressing room/client closet.



Great private studio with different scenes for your boudoir shots. 

Bed, robes, corsets, large mirrors, clawfoot tub, etc


Seamless Backdrops

Various colors and sizes for backdrops. 
Current colors include: 

White, Black, Pink, Blue, Grey, Green (Green screen)


New Born Area

Newborn set up with newborn sack and posing beans for your sessions. Many headbands, hats, baskets are available for use too.